dimanche 31 mars 2013

Nail polish

"Wall Street Crash of 1929 provoked a spectacular growth of lipstick sales as a quick remedy to cheer up those hard times. Nowadays, with the current economic crisis, the story seems to repeat itself and nail polish obtains sales records…
This new collection of scarves by SuTurno finds inspiration in those years, the 30′s glamour, Busby Berkeley’s choreographies, the surrealist humor of Elsa Schiaparelly and also in Joan Blondell, the blonde American actress who incarnated the role of  a “goldigger” so often during the Depression Era.
The protagonists in Blondell are some quasi surrealist hands, like those of a mannequin, that start coloring multitudes of lips and nails in a martial way, as if a robot took control over a beauty salon. Against the subtelty of the nude tones used as a background for the design, small strokes in all shades of red -from carmine to coral passing through burgundy- stand out, bringing that necesary dose of joy."

Photography: Lourdes Cabrera

- By Suturno -

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